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Submitting a transaction

Before submitting transactions — e.g. by using functionality in your wallet application, such as MetaMask — you must:

  1. Have an account:

  2. Hold some Autons in your account on the Bakerloo testnet:

    • Quickstart contains a form to request an allocation of Autons
    • or, if you have followed instructions on getting your own node added to the Bakerloo testnet, your account will already have been credited with AUT by the Clearmatics team


    All wallet applications display the users' account balances on the user interface, but you can also query any account balance by connecting to a node using the Node.JS Console and entering the following command:

    await web3.eth.getBalance("<ACCOUNT_ADDRESS>")

Sending transactions to the Bakerloo testnet

With sufficient AUT funds, you will be able to send transactions on the Bakerloo testnet from your account. Wallet applications make this straightforward and have their own detailed instructions.


Each operation performed while executing a transaction has a fixed "gas cost". The price of each unit of gas (the "gas price") can be set as a property of the transaction. For the Bakerloo testnet, please use a Gas Price of at least 10 gwei

After a few seconds, your transactions will be included in a new block and appear on the blockchain explorer.

Test transaction submission by doing an AUT transfer

The easiest way to try out transaction submission is by sending some AUT to another account:

  1. Use MetaMask or another wallet of your choice to create a second account as the recipient account for this test.
  2. Using your first account that you have already configured in MetaMask, send some amount of AUT to the recipient account; make sure you specify a gas price of 10 gwei.
  3. When your transaction has been successfully submitted and the transfer settled, check your recipient account is credited with the amount sent, and the sender account debited of the sum of the amount sent and transaction cost.


If you need help, you can: