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Before delving into details, you may want to have a look at Quickstart

To interact with the Autonity Bakerloo testnet, you can use common Ethereum tools, such as MetaMask and the Truffle suite.

Depending on your requirements and what you want to achieve, you may be interested in some or all of the following guides:

Participating in Autonity DCNs

Autonity Decentralised Clearing Networks enable users to be part of the network in three different ways:

  • connecting to node RPC endpoints: full-node operators can make their RPC endpoints available to anyone, to query and interact with the system, on the basis of bilateral agreements
  • operating a light client node: anyone can operate the Autonity Go Client in light mode, peering with any full node that allows it. This mode is not currently supported by the Autonity Go Client, but is roadmapped for introduction on the Bakerloo testnet
  • operating a full node: any operator of a full node syncs the entire system state (blockchain data); this enables them to offer RPC and Light Client connectivity to anyone

This guide primarily targets x86_64 Linux and macOS platforms. In order to follow the next sections, please install Docker and follow the post installation guide.

Configuring docker

In this guide we assume the existence of a docker Unix group (as per the post installation guide). As such, we will omit the sudo command before all occurrences of the docker command. Please be aware that you will need to add sudo in front of docker if the Unix group is not properly configured

Account creation

You will first need to create a Participant Account. There are two routes to account creation:

  1. If you simply need an account to use with wallets such as MetaMask, or to install and operate a node, we recommend to use MetaMask as described in Quickstart.


    For more in-depth information on MetaMask, we recommend the MetaMask onboarding and installation guide and MetaMask accounts basics

  2. If you want to create an account in order to interact with, or deploy smart contracts, we recommend creating an account manually.


Please make a note of your account address. You will need it in the next steps


If you need help, you can: