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Connecting to Autonity nodes

Connecting to your own node

If you have followed the instructions on how to set up your own node, you can point your tools directly to its RPC interface at http://<node-ip-address>:8545/ or WebSocket interface at ws://<node-ip-address>:8546/.

For example, follow the steps in Quickstart to connect MetaMask, replacing with your own node URL, using http, not https.


Note that the connection to a node you have set up yourself following the instructions in this guide is unencrypted (i.e. http, ws) for now and would need to be switched to a secure method (i.e. using TLS) for any production systems

Connecting to a public node RPC endpoint

Clearmatics operates nodes that you can access directly, at:



Both these RPC endpoints use an encryption certificate with a chain of trust to a certificate authority, and they also offer WebSocket endpoints on port 8546

Use the Autonity Node.JS Console to to connect to a node

The Autonity Node.JS Console can be used to connect to your node, or the public endpoints listed above.

Follow the instructions here to:

  • download and run the console
  • learn details on how to use it


To ensure the authenticity of any downloads or Clearmatics tools referenced here, you can verify their checksums


If you need help, you can: