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The quickest way to interact with the Bakerloo testnet is to send a transaction by connecting a wallet application to an existing Bakerloo testnet node.

There are numerous wallet applications that you can use. In the guide below, we will walk through the process of using MetaMask to send a transaction via a node hosted by Clearmatics.

To use another wallet application instead, start here (replacing "MetaMask" with your chosen wallet application).


For your transactions to be processed, you need to pay "gas" in the form of Autons (AUT), which is Autonity's name for its native protocol coin (the balance that is intrinsic to every account)

Install MetaMask

MetaMask is a browser extension that allows you to connect to and interact with blockchain-based applications without having to run your own node.

You can run MetaMask using either Chrome or Firefox. To begin, install MetaMask in either browser by following the steps on the MetaMask website.

MetaMask is pre-configured to connect to several networks upon installation. Below we will connect it to the Bakerloo testnet.

Get your account address

Once installed, MetaMask automatically generates a unique account address that can be used across multiple networks, including the Bakerloo testnet.

Your address will look like the following:


You will need your account address in the following steps so copy it to your clipboard or otherwise make a note of it.

MetaMask copy account address

Add the Bakerloo testnet to MetaMask

You must add the node hosted by Clearmatics as a "Custom RPC" in MetaMask in order to connect to the Bakerloo testnet.

Follow the steps on the MetaMask website, configuring the Custom RPC as follows:

Field Input
Network Name Autonity Bakerloo testnet
ChainID 444900
Symbol AUT
Block Explorer URL (optional)

Click Save once the fields are all populated.

Set advanced gas controls in MetaMask

Enable advanced gas controls in MetaMask by clicking on the icon in the top right, selecting Settings > Advanced, and turning Advanced gas controls on.

On the Bakerloo testnet, transactions always need a minimum Gas Price of 10 gwei.

MetaMask Advanced Controls

MetaMask Advanced Controls

Get Autons

If you know any existing participants on the Bakerloo testnet, they can send you AUT as soon as you give them your address. To get started, you can use the AUT Faucet to get free AUT for testing:

If the Faucet is down for maintainance, an alternative way to get AUT is by requesting some from the Clearmatics team directly. Please note this will take much longer.


Our team currently operates only during normal London (UK) business hours. We will reply to requests as quickly as possible, but please be aware that during busy times it can take a little while

Once sent, your new AUT balance will appear in MetaMask.

MetaMask copy account address

Send a transaction

The simplest transaction is to send AUT to another account. Below is a Clearmatics account address that you can use as a recipient for your test transactions.


Alternatively, you can create a second account in MetaMask and send funds between your accounts.

To send AUT using MetaMask, click the SEND icon, copy/paste the recipient address into the search box and then populate the form as follows:

Field Input
ASSET ETH Balance (default)
Amount The amount of AUT you wish to transfer (1 AUT in the example below)
Gas Price (GWEI) 10
Gas Limit 21,000 (default)

This will look similar to the screenshot below.

MetaMask copy account address

Then click Next, and then click Confirm on the following screen.

See your transaction in the blockchain explorer

Once you have sent your transaction, you will be able to see it (along with all other network transactions) on the Bakerloo testnet blockchain explorer.

You can see all transactions involving your account by visiting<ACCOUNT_ADDRESS>, replacing <ACCOUNT ADDRESS> with your account address beginning 0x....


Currently the blockchain explorer is not displaying information on the total supply for ERC777 tokens. We are actively working to resolve this issue


If you need help, you can: