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Interoperability with ION

ION (InterOperability Network) is an abstract protocol enabling the bridging between disparate systems. Interoperability between decentralised layer 1 systems, such as Autonity, providing seamless integration between them has been the drive for the design of ION, allowing fluid movement of value and other across a network of DCNs and many other blockchains.

We strive towards a more interconnected fabric of systems. Our vision is to enable Autonity DCN members to transact with each other across the ecosystem of Autonity blockchains, and break the barriers to enable them to transact with other chains. Not limited to blockchains, ION can connect the blockchain ecosystem into more legacy technologies, bridging existing applications into blockchains and helping transition towards a decentralised but interconnected future.

Atomic swaps and decentralised exchanges, among other use-cases, can be built on ION and facilitate the free movement of digital assets across different networks.

Coming soon

We will show you how you can build an interoperability bridge between Autonity and Ropsten Ethereum using ION

To learn more about ION and start building use-cases that leverage the framework, please consult:


If you need help, you can: