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Developing on Autonity

Build your application on Autonity

Autonity is a digital asset and smart contract platform for automating post-trade processes for the next-generation capital markets.

Rooted in the Ethereum protocol, Autonity provides the same level of flexibility and composability that enables you to build and make your application successful on both private and public EVM-based networks. You can use standard Ethereum tools such as the Truffle Suite to develop, test, and deploy applications on Autonity systems.

Deploy your application on the Autonity Bakerloo testnet

Our aim is to make contributing to the Autonity platform easy and transparent.

Deployment of applications to the Autonity testnet is unrestricted.


Whether you have followed the guidance provided here to set up your own Node or just access an existing Node RPC endpoint, we recommend using the Truffle Suite's truffle migrate tool for deployment of smart contracts

Report vulnerabilities

The Autonity team takes all security vulnerabilities very seriously and is relentlessly focused to ensure the security of the Autonity Blockchain.

If you find any bugs or security vulnerability, please help by disclosing them to the Clearmatics team.

Thank you for helping to secure Autonity. Your efforts will be acknowledged by the community.


If you need help, you can: