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Bakerloo testnet history

Date Event re-Genesis Description Configuration
28.09.2020 Bakerloo inception yes Deployment of Autonity v0.6.0 and re-Genesis of Bakerloo testnet in the configuration that is planned for public access Clearmatics operated validator nodes: 3 in GCP, 3 in AWS; spread across multiple availability zones in each. Four RPC access points (participant nodes) provided by Clearmatics
08.10.2020 Bakerloo public n/a Bakerloo RPC endpoints and website opened for public access

as above

Several experimental Validator nodes hosted individually by Clearmatics staff in VPS instances with various providers

11.12.2020 AGC 0.7.1 yes Re-genesis of Bakerloo with Autonity Go Client v0.7.1

as above

several experimental Automated Market Makers deployed to test ERC20 vs AUT swaps


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