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Autonity Bakerloo testnet

Autonity Bakerloo is a test network of nodes that implement the Autonity protocol. It provides an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based platform for hosting digital assets and smart contract applications, ahead of the planned launch of the Clearmatics Autonity production network in 2021.

Bakerloo's purpose is to allow anyone to test:

  • sending transactions and interacting with smart contracts
  • deploying smart contracts
  • connecting and syncing a full node client

The testnet uses a configuration of the Autonity protocol implemented in the Autonity Go Client (AGC), and a set of protocol contracts.

This website explains how to join and use Bakerloo. It also shows how you can add your own full node to the network.

What is Bakerloo?

Bakerloo is an underground line that runs via the West End of London. It was opened between 1906 and 1915, serves 25 stations and was originally named the Baker Street and Waterloo Railway

Getting started

Check out Quickstart to start interacting with the Bakerloo testnet.

The documentation also describes:

Who is Bakerloo for?

You are free to use Bakerloo for any non-production (non-real-value) purpose, and we believe it will be of particular interest to:

  • issuers of tokenised e-money who want to explore using Autonity as a Layer I protocol on which to deploy fiat-currency denominated tokens
  • fintech providers who want to explore integrating decentralised clearing and settlement use-cases into their product offerings
  • Ethereum dApp developers, particularly those who are interested in porting DeFi mechanisms to Autonity and experimenting with an EVM execution environment based on Tendermint BFT consensus
  • Node Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who want to explore the deployment and operations of Autonity full node hosting


  • light-client support for Autonity clients using Light Ethereum Subprotocol (LES) for interactions with Bakerloo
  • a separate Autonity test network for validator node operators, for public testing of the protocol's economic mechanism
  • continued decentralisation and protocol enhancements


We are documenting the development and history of the public Bakerloo testnet here


If you need help, you can: